All Marketers are Liars Book Review

People believe in organizations and companies because of the story they are told by these groups and the way these stories make them feel. While cold, hard facts can be useful in many settings, when it comes to enticing your customer to either buy your product for the first time, or become a returning customer, it is crucial to tell them a story that they believe in, which then enhances their worldview. Seth Godin discusses a number of points in his book “All Marketers are Liars”, but two that stand out are that great marketers tell stories we believe and marketers with authenticity thrive. 

The initial reason we buy anything we own is not because we know how it works or we know for certain that we will like this product, but because of the story we are told about it. This story can be told anywhere, from the mouth of a sales associate to the advertisements the company displays online, and this story is crucial in the initial sale of a product or service. Most importantly, the story must be one that the audience genuinely believes can positively impact them and fits into their worldview. 

While it is important that your audience believes the story you are telling, it is equally important that the story is authentic and genuine. It should be something that people are able to make a personal connection with, as it relates to their experiences. Your customers should believe in your story and independently share it on your behalf. 

To start, we must first believe the story we are selling wholeheartedly. While most industries need a story to sell their product, no industry needs one more than the insurance business. As an industry we are selling an invisible product which translates to selling a relationship and trust more than anything else. First and foremost, our intention is to tell a story that not only our audience believes in but more importantly one that is backed by our values and actions. Everything we do, from the services we provide to the feeling you are left with after interacting with our organization should be supported by that story. 

Stories can be powerful and make lasting impacts on individuals and organizations. Stories also must be backed by facts and action in order to retain business. The Cavignac story, which we live and breathe each day, is that we give confidence and clarity to businesses by providing knowledge-based risk management solutions and an exceptional client experience. We prove this story in our interactions with our clients and our belief in the value of the work we do. 

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