Risk Control

Our comprehensive approach to risk management includes customizable risk control services in the areas of Human Resources, Safety, and Claims Management.

Risk Control Department

The total cost of risk is greater than the cost of insurance or the cost of individual claims. Indirect costs include the costs of low productivity when a firm hires the wrong people, the cost of low productivity when staff are out due to injuries or investigations, and the cost to train replacement staff or re-train existing staff who can’t continue in their previous positions. Organizations need to consider the risks of losing good business relationships due to bad liability claim entanglements or poorly negotiated contracts, as well as the everpresent challenges of financial and succession planning.

Not every risk should be insured. Insurance is an expensive product that can never cover every business exposure, and becomes more expensive and less available after you use it. This is why Cavignac has invested in a team of Risk Control experts to help your organizations consider everything that can be done from a Human Resources, Safety, Claims Management, Contractual Risk Transfer, and Financial Risk Management perspective before you consider transferring risk to an insurance company.

If we do our job right, insurance placement day will be a very small and easy piece of the puzzle.  

The Risk Control Team consists of 6 highly dedicated and educated individuals with extensive background and experience in their respective fields, each of whom have an integral role in our clients’ success. The team is committed to helping companies build a best-in-class organization, become an employer of choice, lower the frequency and severity of their losses, and drive dollars to their bottom line.

Risk Control Needs Assessment

Each client engagement begins with a Risk Control Needs Assessment during which our Risk Advisors meet with your team to learn how you are currently managing your risks in the areas of Human Resources, Safety, Claims Management, Contractual Risk Transfer, and Financial Risk Management.

After we meet, we will design a customized Schedule of Service designed to meet your specific needs from a compliance and Best Practices standpoint. At the end of each term we will hold a Stewardship and Annual Planning meeting to discuss our mutual results and plan for the next term. Some of the Customized Services we can provide are:

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Create Customized Employee Handbook

    • I-9
    • Employee Files
    • Leave of Absence
    • New Hire Processes
    • Employee Classification

    Create Employee Engagement Strategies

    Create Employer Branding and Employer of Choice Strategies

    Create Leadership Development Strategies

    Subject Specific Supervisor/Manager Training

    OSHA- Based Site/Facility Inspections

    Attend and Facilitate Safety Committee Meetings

    Create Customized Health and Safety Programs

    Development of Fleet Management Programs

    Safety Officer Mentoring Programs

    Incident Response Protocols

    Subject Specific Safety Trainings

    OSHA 10/30 Hour Training

    Contractual Risk Transfer Training

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