TotalRISK Approach®

Risk Management is a term that is broadly used in our industry. It’s easy for brokers to see one way to manage risk – buy more insurance. We don’t.

Risk Management needs to be reviewed from a top down approach, considering all solutions (beyond insurance) to manage risk. We look to partner with clients by implementing unique risk management strategies revolved around risk prevention, risk mitigation, alternative risk financing, risk avoidance, construction risk transfer, in addition to insurance, in order to effectively manage risk.

Our philosophy of Risk Management has lead us to create the TotalRISK Approach which drives dollars to our client’s bottom line. In addition to the TotalRISK Approach, our big differentiators are our commitment to Education – we get paid for our knowledge and expertise as well as Resources. We have created a number of non-standard resources, like proprietary assessments, checklists, white papers, processes and procedures which drive results, as well as non-standard HR, Safety and Claims management services that we provide to clients.