Cavignac Education Series: We Are Learners – Audible

As an organization we believe that there is always room to continue to learn and grow. This is why we have emphasized the importance of being Learners through our team values and continue to encourage our colleagues to further their education in ways that will promote personal and professional growth. Over the course of this series, we will cover the structures and programs that have been put into place, which foster an environment that encourages each of our colleagues to grow their education in different areas that peak their interest.

While there are a number of different ways people learn new ideas and methods, one of the most tried and true methods is through the consumption of written words. However, many of us find it difficult to find a quiet moment to dive into a book for either business or pleasure. This is why we implemented the Cavignac Audible Program. Audible is the largest producer of audiobooks in the world, allowing our colleagues to access a diverse and wide range of titles to expand their expertise not only in subjects regarding Insurance but areas such as Marketing, Leadership, and Company Culture.

Since its implementation in 2021, our colleagues have not only been utilizing this benefit, but applying it to their roles. Our marketing specialist, Melissa, read Atomic Habits by James Clear a couple of months back. After collecting some key takeaways, she wrote a review of the book that focused on how our organization can apply Clear’s methods to continue to grow as individuals and as an organization. This is what Melissa had to say about the Audible Benefit.

“I have never been one to utilize audiobooks but I am grateful I tried out this benefit when reading Atomic Habits. It not only allowed me to improve my reading comprehension but I was also able to attend to other tasks while making quick progress in the book.”

It is not lost on us that our colleagues lead busy lives outside of work, one’s that may require them to focus less on their personal and professional growth. This has especially been the case for our colleague, Varita, who has experienced some exciting life changes in the last year. This is what she had to say.

“Audible has been a great educational and entertainment tool for me. Being a new parent I just don’t have time to sit and read books. Audible allows me to enjoy audiobooks while going for a daily walk with my little one. It has been great for my mental health and it’s nice to know, I can still enjoy books with my much busier lifestyle. I’m grateful Cavignac gives us access to Audible; it helps each of us all in such different ways.”

We believe that strengthening our values as Learners, never needs to be placed on the back-burner. That is where the Cavignac Audible Program comes into play. Thankfully with this benefit, our education efforts can continue to be a priority in the work we do.

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