Cavignac Education Series: We are Learners-Financial Wellness

Over the last several months we have discussed the different ways our colleagues can educate themselves in different areas for both personal and professional growth. We have discussed the impact our Audible Benefit has had on our colleagues’ who lead busy lives, both at work and at home, and have found themselves with less time to spend toward expanding their knowledge through the written word. This benefit has allowed them to grow personally and professionally without compromising their priorities in their personal lives.  Additionally, we touched on the importance in supporting our colleagues as they strive for new designations to further their careers, by offering forty hours of Education Paid Time Off each year. 

As our colleagues continue to grow and reach new heights in their careers it is important they make informed decisions financially when it comes to their investments. This is why we have partnered with Intelligence Driven Advisors (IDA) Wealth Management to provide guidance to our colleagues in regards to their current and future investments. Over the last year, our colleagues have had the opportunity to attend a seminar with IDA to cover topics from budgeting, to company contributions and employer match and choosing the right investment strategy for their individual situation. This is what one of our colleagues’ had to say about their experience working with IDA. 

“As someone who is fairly new in their career, the opportunity to meet with trusted wealth advisors was very beneficial. I left our meeting not only with the confidence to make adjustments to my current investments but with the clarity in understanding how this benefit can serve me in the long run. I am very grateful that Cavignac offers this benefit and supports their colleagues as they grow in their careers.”

In addition to our colleagues’ future investments, it is important that they are supported and educated on how to manage their current financial situation in order to effectively prepare for the future. We offer our colleagues financial support through Ramsey SmartDollar which includes educational content from financial experts, a full suite of budgeting, tracking, and financial planning tools. 

It is important that our colleagues feel supported and confident in their financial situation. As they continue to grow in their careers over the years, we want to ensure they are making informed decisions surrounding their finances in order to spend less time worrying about their financial wellness and more time feeling confident in the decisions they have made. 

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