Support Your Local Business – The Red Door

Over the past three weeks, we have featured some of the teams favorite restaurants in our continued effort to support local businesses through these unprecedented times.

This week, we conclude the campaign with another favorite.

The Red Door is located on Washington Street in Mission Hills. Chef and Owner, Luciano Cibello bought the restaurant a couple years ago.

Luciano grew up in Milan where he learned to cook. He then moved to Koln Germany where he trained at the prestigious La Vita Restaurant. Having learned many of the prominent European cooking styles, Luciano increased his knowledge by traveling to Thailand, Spain, the Caribbean, and eventually came to the United States. He worked as a head chef in New York’s Four Cats Italian restaurant and Nick and Maggie’s steakhouse.

Through his experiences, Luciano discovered that cooking is not about mastering a specific style, but instead, it’s about “respecting” the integrity of the finest ingredients, finding their correct combinations and finding ways to prepare them without compromising their intended flavor.

Luciano opened Mama’s Cucina Italiana at Pala Casino in April 2003, where he served as Head Chef. While retaining the essence of traditional Italian cuisine, Luciano integrated aspects of other cooking techniques, and helped to launch San Diego’s prestigious Max Restaurant, developing a continental fusion style of cooking.

The Red Door stays true to Luciano’s heritage. While it is Italian inspired it also shares a continental flair. Red Door is a true “Farm to Fork” venue and Luciano’s cooking is some of the best in the City.

To learn more about this great local restaurant, visit The Red Door.

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