Welcome to the new Cavignac

On February 11, 1992, at 8:30 a.m., Jeff Cavignac walked out the door of Robson, Cavignac & Associates, and the Jeffrey W. Cavignac Insurance Brokerage (JWCIB) was founded. It was truly a one-man shop. There was no staff, and no clients, but there was a mission statement and a business plan.

The first year had its share of challenges. The economy in San Diego was weak and getting weaker, and the insurance market was spiraling downward. These factors, combined with the normal learning curve associated with a start-up business, made for an interesting first year.

Nevertheless, our fledgling agency was able to get moving in the right direction thanks to some quality insurance company appointments, including Chubb, Continental, Safeco, Aetna, Industrial Indemnity and Zenith. In addition, DPIC Companies (now known as AXA/XL) switched its exclusive agency appointment in San Diego and Imperial Counties to Cavignac & Associates. Most importantly, a number of previous clients as well as new clients elected to place their coverage with the firm.

A few years later, we underwent a major change by evolving from an insurance brokerage to a Risk Management Company. We realized that the only way to drive down the cost of risk was to reduce the frequency and severity of the claims that drive those costs.

Since this time, we have grown into one of the largest independent and locally owned agencies in San Diego. The company has also had the privilege of being recognized as a Reagan Best Practices Agency for the past 19 consecutive years and was awarded as having the 3rd Best Workplace Culture out of all insurance agencies throughout the country by US Business Insurance.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our evolution with the launch of our rebrand.

It was over a year ago when we decided it was time to take a step back, think carefully about who we are as a company, what makes us unique and the promises we make to our customers. It has been quite a journey as we’ve worked with our partner, Ignyte, to enhance the Cavignac brand.

We began this process in June of 2019. Things have changed dramatically since then. The Coronavirus is impacting all of us. It goes without saying that our major priority at this time is the health and well-being of our clients and our staff. Regardless, we will all overcome COVID19, business will go on and our company will continue to provide the insurance and risk management solutions that our clients require.

With this in mind we’re pleased to be able to share with you the results of our Rebranding Initiative. Everything you’ve come to trust about Cavignac will remain the same, just with a sharper focus and a fresh look.

Rebranding however is a lot more than choosing a font and updating one’s website. It involves committing to ideals and principles and focusing on why we are here, what we do and how we do it.

Our model as most of you know is unique. We are committed to partnering with our clients to lower their cost of risk. We are in business to positively impact the clients we work with, the people that work with us, the insurance companies and vendors we do business with as well as our community.

We’d like to thank everyone that has played a role in helping Cavignac get to where we are today. We look forward to many more years of delivering confidence and clarity to the business community by providing knowledge-based risk management solutions and an exceptional client experience.

We also wish you, your family and your co-workers good health.


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