Cavignac - Diana Dix

Diana Dix

Human Resources Risk Advisor  |  Risk Control


As a seasoned HR professional with over two decades of experience, Diana Dix has worked in various roles as a strategic advisor, learning facilitator, and management coach. Diana’s work experience spans across industries and sectors, enabling her to develop a broad understanding of business operations and challenges.

As an HR Consultant and Business Partner, she has provided strategic advice and support to senior leaders and executives on HR matters and initiatives, including employee engagement, talent management, and workforce planning. In this capacity, Diana has developed a keen understanding of business objectives and aligned HR strategies to achieve organizational goals.

As a trainer and facilitator, Diana has designed and delivered learning and development programs that support employee growth and development, including leadership development, communication skills, and performance management. She is passionate about coaching and mentoring managers and leaders to help them achieve their full potential and drive business success.

Her extensive experience as a strategic advisor, learning facilitator, and management coach has given Diana a unique perspective on HR and its role in driving business success. She is known for her resourcefulness and creativity, ability to think on her feet, and passion for developing innovative solutions that meet business needs.

Diana is certified as a Senior HR Professional (SPHR), Strategic HR Business Partner (SHRBP), and Human Capital Strategist (HCS). She is a mom of one, a little league coach, a dog mom of three, and enjoys floating around town on her one-wheel with her family.