Cavignac - Paul Broussard

Paul Broussard



In addition to serving as an Account Executive in Cavignac’s Professional Liability Department, Paul operates as a small business consultant for the firm. In the former role, he governs existing professional liability insurance programs, performs contract review services from an insurability standpoint, and advises new professional liability department referrals. In the latter, he services small to mid-size accounts, helps small businesses solve unique coverage challenges, and advises new ventures how to properly structure their insurance program. Because of his experience in these areas, Paul’s colleagues and clients refer to him for the following: design professionals, lawyer professionals, medical malpractice, technology, commercial real estate, and restaurants including franchises with delivery.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in marketing from Louisiana State University (LSU). He also trained at the Sandler Sales Institute, Richardson Sales Training, and the Hartford School of Insurance. Prior to Cavignac, Paul worked for insurance firms in both Atlanta, GA and Baton Rouge, LA. He holds the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Small Business Coverage Specialist (SBCS), Professional Work Comp Advisor (PWCA), and Cyber Risk Manager (cyRM) designations.