Cavignac’s Newest Shareholder – Darcee Nichols

We are pleased to announce Darcee Nichols as the newest shareholder at Cavignac! 

Darcee joined us in our accounting department in 2007.  She was a Junior at San Diego State University at the time pursuing a major in…you guessed it, Accounting.  Darcee caught on quickly and continued to elevate not only her accounting acumen but her business and insurance knowledge as well.  In March of 2014, she became licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 

When Cavignac’s previous Controller retired in May of 2014, Darcee took over the position.  Darcee implemented major changes in how we tracked and presented our results.  Her efforts positively affected the way we review, evaluate and manage our company.  Darcee’s strategic insights into what makes sense and why, has also been a contributing factor in the success of our company. 

In September of 2022 Darcee was promoted to Chief Financial Officer.  This was in recognition of the value she brings to our company from both an administrative and strategic perspective.    

Please join us in welcoming Darcee as our newest shareholder! 

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