Health is Wealth at Cavignac

Cavignac Health Is Wealth

In order to bring our best selves to work each day it is vital that we prioritize our health. This is why we have a committee within the company that focuses on different ways our colleagues can focus on their wellness, even with the busy schedules and lifestyles each of us lead. Over the last several years, we have utilized the platform Sonic Boom Wellness which allows colleagues to track everything from their steps taken in a day, to calories consumed, to their water intake.

Our colleague, Jolinda Kramer, heads our wellness committee by taking on the responsibility of coordinating team hikes and walks, tracking colleague progress on Sonic Boom Wellness, and coordinating rewards for colleagues who meet different milestones in their wellness journey. This is what Jolinda had to say about the Wellness Committee and her experience supporting our colleagues’ wellness journeys.

“The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to promote good health and to motivate, encourage and support our team on their wellness journey. We try to encourage both physical and mental health by way of the Sonic Boom app, the Motivational Monday and Wellness Wednesday emails, friendly competitions, hikes and walks.”

As we settle into 2023, we continue to encourage our colleagues to use the Sonic Boom Wellness application by implementing the Challenge of the Day, consisting of daily fitness and health goals. We are looking forward to watching our colleagues’ fitness goals come to life as we plan to get together for a number of hikes and walks along with participating in some friendly fitness competitions.

The well-being of our colleagues is always top of mind. Just as we support our clients as they navigate their business during the highs and lows, it is crucial we support our colleagues in the different phases of their wellness journey. Our wellness program ensures that our colleagues are being supported in the area that matters most, their health.

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