Challenged Athletes Foundation-Million Dollar Challenge Recap

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) just completed its 17th Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) ride. During this event, participants ride 620 miles down the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego in support of CAF’s mission to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, in order to pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. 

Our very own, Jeff Cavignac participated in this ride for the ninth time, raising $72,000 for this organization. Collectively, the Million Dollar Challenge  was able to raise $3,700,000. These funds will go toward equipment, competition, and training expenses to ensure all athletes have the opportunity to compete in sports and pursue an active lifestyle. 

As one can imagine, 620 miles on a bike is no easy feat. Jeff shared a little about his experience and the inspiration he found in his fellow riders. Here is what he had to say. 

“The experience provided by the MDC is hard to describe.  Most days you start pedaling around 7:30 am and you arrive at your destination between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  There are about 160 cyclists, including 25 or so challenged athletes.  The challenged athletes have a wide range of disabilities some are paralyzed and pedal hand cycles…others have lost a leg or an arm.  The grit, strength and tenacity of these people is incredible…in some cases unbelievable.  I have been extremely fortunate to be able to support CAF and participate in the Million Dollar Challenge”

We feel fortunate to work with organizations like CAF. Organizations that inspire us in our own mission as Givers in the community, and provide opportunities and support to the individuals they serve. 

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