Conversations with Allie Mano

In this edition of “Conversations with…” we sat down with Allie Mano in our SBU Department, to learn more about her career and her life outside of work.

What is your favorite part about your role at Cavignac?

As a Client Administrator, I get to work with our clients by servicing their accounts. I truly enjoy helping our clients with any questions they may have regarding their policies or if they need changes made to their current coverages, need assistance with audits or have billing inquiries – I just love being able to help! I also enjoy working with my awesome team and all the amazing people here at Cavignac.  I feel extremely lucky and blessed to be here!

If you could pick any job in the world, money is not an object, what would it be?

Any job that involves being around animals. We went on a vacation to Colorado recently and on one of our hikes, there were a bunch of mobile dog walking businesses. Being able to be out in nature, up in the mountains, hanging out with dogs all day- sounds pretty amazing to me!

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Spending time with my family, my son Liam (3) and my husband. When the weather is nice, we enjoy going on walks at local parks here in Johnson County or just in our neighborhood. Sometimes Liam will ride his lightning McQueen car and we will get even more of an exercise by trying to catch up to him. ? One of my favorite parks to visit is Loose Park in Kansas City- they have beautiful rose gardens, fountains, a koi pond, and large hilly fields with huge oak trees.

What is one way that you have grown personally or professionally since joining Cavignac?

Personally, one of the ways I have grown is by putting more focus on my physical & mental health. One of the ways Cavignac has significantly assisted both professionally and personally is by our Performance Growth System, which has helped me set goals and the reflect on them throughout the year. It has helped me see where I am and then focus on areas I want to improve.

What do you look forward to in 2024, both personally and professionally?

I would like to continue to grow my insurance coverage knowledge by taking education courses and to obtain an insurance designation. Personally, one thing that I am looking forward to is working on my gardening skills! I’ve struggled in past summers with growing vegetables, some in part to the little critters in our area, mainly squirrels, who love destroying anything that I plant.

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