Client Case Study

Our clients come from a number of different industries and face various challenges with their businesses. In order to understand how we can better serve our current and future clients, we asked them the following questions regarding the state of their business over the time spent working with Cavignac. The following is a response to these questions.

1. What is the biggest issue your company faced before working with Cavignac?

Prior to working with Cavignac we had a broker that utilized an outside Consultant for all contract reviews. That Consultant was very difficult to work with and didn’t really listen to what our interests and concerns were. In addition to that, the broker wasn’t highly educated in the risk exposure for various types of projects, i.e., condos. We had to wind up educating the broker (what’s wrong with this picture?) and realized there was very little value provided for Professional Liability contracts and risk management support. Because they didn’t have the PLAN status that Cavignac has, their COIs were so large that we were unable to email them to our clients. It was a cumbersome process, at best! The ease with which we can request and deliver COIs has been so great it’s enabled us to service our client’s needs and make sure we get paid on time.

2. How did Cavignac help you resolve this issue?

My prior experience in working with Cavignac’s professional contract review Team helped make the case for transition from our  existing broker to Cavignac. The competitive pricing of our total insurance program while increasing the quality of coverage met our needs and convinced our principals that the change was in our risk management best interests. The proposal presentation with Jeff and Paul was a key factor in making this decision!

3. How has your company benefitted since working with Cavignac?

We have improved our risk management policies and procedures and have benefitted from the educational programs for our Project Managers! It’s been a win-win all the way. Cavignac is our risk management partner which has benefitted our rapidly growing company’s exposures.

The companies we work with are complex along with the challenges that can arise over the years as they grow and evolve. It is always our top priority to be able to provide support and clarity to help them overcome these challenges and focus on the operation of their business.

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