Core Value Series- We Are Learners

The insurance industry is complex and often difficult to understand. As a knowledge-based organization, it is our job to educate ourselves in order to better service our clients. This is why we provide our colleagues forty hours of education paid-time off. 

We encourage our team members to strive to further their education in the industry by paying for costs associated with new designations along with time spent preparing and completing the qualifications. Additionally, colleagues are compensated for their achievements. This motivates them to continue to grow in their careers while equipping themselves with the knowledge to best serve our clients and the needs of their businesses. Here is what our colleague Dan Smith had to share about his experience using Education Paid Time Off. 

“One of my favorite benefits at Cavignac is Education PTO. We are a knowledge-based organization and Cavignac does everything they can to provide employees opportunities to study. The company provides specific time out of the office to take courses to further our education and be better able to assist our clients, and the last couple of years I completed the CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) designation through The National Alliance, using all 40 hours of time each year. Over the course of two years, I was able to use this benefit and take time off work to focus on class, course material, prep and then take the exam for all four courses. It helps not stressing about missing work and in addition saves my PTO bank so that I can still vacation throughout the year!”

In addition to educating our clients on their business through our expertise in insurance, our Risk Control team hosts a number of seminars throughout the year where they discuss different topics which educate our clients on how to better protect themselves from risk. As a company, our goal is to lower our clients’ total cost of risk. We help do that by advising them on different practices and procedures that can be implemented to protect their business.

The insurance industry is always evolving and it is important that our colleagues have the resources to continue to develop their knowledge and expertise in order to service our clients at the highest level.

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