Serving Seniors of San Diego

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Seniors in our community are often the most underserved population. It is easy to assume that when one reaches the age of 65 they are able to live comfortably and support themselves. However, according to Serving Seniors, a non-profit that helps seniors living in poverty, older adults today face a number of economic challenges that previous generations did not. There are three key issues this organization focuses on in order to make a difference in the lives of our elderly community.

Serving seniors advocates for investments in systems, programs, and infrastructure that meet the needs of not only the current senior population but future ones as well. They continue to build and maintain senior housing and facilities for those currently facing challenges and those who will inevitably have to overcome similar hurdles down the road.

It is heart-breaking to imagine an elder in our community without a warm place to sleep. Unfortunately due to the lack of affordable housing, the poorest seniors in our community are falling to homelessness at an alarming rate. Serving Seniors has recognized this and has increased the inventory of affordable senior housing while advocating for funding to address senior homelessness.

Additionally, this organization provides over 640,000 nutritious meals to over 4,000 seniors a year, free of charge. With their support, Serving Seniors is helping ensure that the most vulnerable in our community have access to a stable and nutritious diet.

It is easy to see why Cavignac has been inspired by this organization for many years. We feel incredibly fortunate to volunteer with Serving Seniors throughout the year. Whether it is serving food, leading bingo, or simply having a conversation with a resident, it is difficult to not walk away feeling inspired by the work Serving Seniors does and by the individuals they serve.

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